Loan Origination

The MITAS Loan Origination system allows your agency to originate loans including normal RESPA compliance such as disclosure statements, mortgages, deeds, notes and more. If your loans begin with outside lenders, the system includes a Lender Portal to allow your partners to upload the original loan information in standard formats and for you to interact with your lenders. You can utilize the same platform for grants and mortgage credit certificate programs as well.

Loan Origination Features
  • Collect all 1003 loan application data.
  • Produce loan estimates and closing disclosures.
  • Print the 1003 and 1008 forms.
  • Create user defined forms for mortgages, notes and any other documents.
  • Supports Grants and Mortgage Credit Certificates.

Productivity Enhancement Tools

Additional Training Required.

  • Notes and Comments
  • Form Creation (with merged data)
  • Date and Status Tracking (user defined)
  • Document Management (Imaging)
  • Workflow Management

Optional Lender Portal
  • Communicate with outside partners such as lenders via a lender portal.

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