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Custom Software To Fit Your Needs

Traditional off the shelf systems don't work for every agency. Sometimes your needs are just too unique. Previously your only choice was to develop it from the ground up in-house, or pay exhorbitant development fees and risk the same failure many of your peers have experienced with that approach.

MITAS is pleased to bring you a new concept, a fully integrated web based software infrastructure. Our approach is different because it allows us to deliver a customized application to meet your business requirements, but based on an already proven infrastructure packed full of the features you want.

You may have heard about Cloud Computing. Why stop at just hosting services and a database, when you can have a development partner with an array of features ready at the start. MITAS has over 30 years of history in providing software solutions to public and private agencies whose mission is to provide for affordable housing and community development. So make sure your software development partner is not just an expert in technology, but an expert in your industry too.

We are The Mitas Group
As a family owned business, The Mitas Group, Inc. has been designing application software and implementing automated business solutions since 1969. We are a full service company offering application software, implementation services, and ongoing support.
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