Program Compliance

The MITAS Program Compliance system is a complete multifamily compliance monitoring system allowing you to receive tenant transactions from lease up to disposition of the property. This system comes with a portal for the Property Management companies to electronically send tenant transactions with a NAHMA compliant file. The portal also has the ability to manually key a full certification. All transactions are automatically tested for LIHTC and HOME compliance. The portal also contains features for document upload and download, compliance reports, and the ability to export a rent roll. The agency software includes features for tenant eligibility testing, set aside compliance, special populations tracking, date tracking, form printing, document upload and download, and imports for the published income and rent limits.

Program Compliance Features
  • Property information including all buildings and units
  • Property Information including demographics such as political districts
  • Tenant Certifications, unit transfers, and gross rent changes
  • Tenant Eligibility Testing for LIHTC and HOME
  • Setaside testing for federal, state and local setasides
  • Special population setasides
  • Early/Late Recertification Test
  • 90-Day Low Income Unit Vacancy Test
  • Property, Management Agent and Owner Contacts

Property Management Portal
  • Property Management access to the agency database
  • View all tenant information for all properties managed
  • Ability to manually key a tenant certification
  • Secure transmission of electronic certifications via the NAHMA standard
  • Ability to generate a rent roll in PDF or Excel format
  • Compliance testing report
  • Document upload and download
  • Annual owner certification form printing
  • Update property management contact information
More »
  • Compliance reporting
  • Vacancy reporting
  • Upload of published income and rent limits
  • Annual Owner Certification template

Productivity Enhancement Tools

Requires additional training.

  • Notes and Comments
  • Form Creation (with merged data)
  • Date and Status Tracking (user defined)
  • Document Management (Imaging)
  • Workflow Management

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